A complete guide on how to buy hosting from Namecheap

Currently, various companies are conducting their business online. In this case, companies create a website to manage their business. And to create a website, of course, there is the need for hosting.

So what is the point of hosting?

Hosting is a type of web server, where all the data, information files, pictures, everything on your web site is stored. This means that in the case of mobile phones where there is storage where we can store all the data of our phone, in the case of websites we need our hosting server to store all the data of our website. In this case, we must buy hosting to create a website. In today’s article we will learn about how to buy hosting. Although many companies provide hosting services, I will refer you to buy from Namecheap. Because I like their service, the interface of the site. If you do not know how to buy hosting from Namecheap.

How to buy hosting from Namecheap?

First you need to create an account by entering the Namecheap site. Anyone can easily create an account. Then go to your account dashboard. Now you will see different service categories provided by them. From there click on Hosting option. Select how many years or months you want to take hosting, then you will come across different packages. Now select the package of your choice and click on Get Started option.

At this stage you need to select which domain you want to host under. In this case, if you have taken the domain from Namecheap, then your Namecheap Domain Name, if you have taken it from somewhere else, select Your Third-party Domain Name option. Now you can search by entering your domain name in the Find your Domain Name box. Then select your domain and click on the Connect to hosting option.

The Order Confirm page will now appear in front of you showing all the details including your package and its price. Click on the Confirm Order option. Select what you want to pay. If you want to pay by card then continue with your card details or if you want to pay by fund then give fund details or you can pay with coinbase bitcoin. Click here to create a Coinbase account: https://grathor.com/goto-coinbase

Your hosting package will be purchased as soon as the payment is made. This way you can easily purchase hosting once with namecheap. But how to buy those who do not have a card or funds? There are many buy-in groups or blogging groups online where many people sell domain hosting through admin deals. You can get hosting with payment through them. However, the admin must deal.

Last word: this is today’s article for you where we learned about buying hosting from namecheap. Let me know how you like the article, if you like it, share it.

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