History of the Great Wall! If you know the story of your creation, your eyes will rise to the top.

There are fences around schools or residences, and there are fences around various structures so that no one accidentally enters. There is a wall around the prison, a huge wall that prevents inmates from going out.

However, it is a walled country. The name of this country is China. The country is walled for most of its borders, 21196km; this long wall is known in China as the Great Wall of China; even the small flat wall is so big that five people can walk side by side. This wall was built on top of a mountain a long time ago, and civilization started in China a long time ago; and that civilization is known as Chinese civilization and Chinese civilization. There were several small kingdoms in western China. All these kingdoms are inhabited by various caste nomads. They looted and ate nomads. These nomads were plundering and eating. The Chinese state has previously attacked its borders. When the crops in the fields were looted, even cows were taken. Sometimes villagers were also caught. Because they were fierce and warlike, it was very difficult to conquer them.

To save the state and the people of the state from these nomads. Thus began the construction and extension of the city wall, the great ancient structure of China, to use the terms of the seventh century BC, meaning that the construction of this wall is about two thousand eight hundred years old. Different kings built different parts of this palace at different times.

However, from 220 to 206 BC, the Hong Emperor of China built the longest part of the wall, conquered the large and small provinces of China, and built the Greater Chinese Empire. For this reason, the walls built at various points were connected to build the Great Wall of China across the Wu border, and the first Qin Emperor built a fortress on top of this wall. Soldiers guarded the fort. When you see a shocker, a smoke signal. After the Chinasiwang emperor, Chineham, and Chai dynasties, various emperors and parts of the city walls were built or repaired.

However, it is not easy to see such a long wall. Because of this, many parts of the wall collapsed. The Great Wall of China not only protected this country from the hands of nomads but this wall was also very effective in border control. The Great Wall was built of stone and wooden structures filled with loose mud and mud bricks – Shovel, spade, little Kurti, Hartri, Batal, Cheney, all of this. Only those who have done it can understand how difficult it is to build a wall of stones and bricks with all these tools.

It is not known how many laborers lost their lives in getting rid of this operation. As well as the mountains, the Great Wall crossed the desert river.

This wall was imagined as the Great Wall of China with a huge dome.

This Great Wall of China stretched from Sai Kuang in the east to Topless in the east. At the beginning and at the end, the walls are in the shape of Dagon’s head.

Now the Great Wall of China is a major tourist attraction. Tourists flock to the Great Wall every day for the beautiful scenery around them. Many tourists come here from April to September.

But in winter, when snow falls on the great wall, and the mountains are covered with snow, another beauty emerges in this great wall. Tourists flock to this great wall in winter.

The wind in Gratval blows as fast as a bichon all year round. There is no news of the Hemel wind blowing in winter. But tourists come to see it in the cold season. Who wouldn’t want to see a tall and beautiful Gutwall? People come here in droves. What eye candy.

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