How to make an account and earn from Picoworkers? (Online micro job)

Hope everybody is doing well. You must have heard about micro job online. Basically there are some micro job websites online in which we can earn money by completing some small tasks. However, there are many who do not understand how the micro job site works, do not worry, I am explaining to you the details.

How do micro job websites work?

This type of site basically you can create an account in two ways, one workers another Employer, Worker means you will create an account there for the work given by others and Employer means you will offer work there for the purpose of others. For example, as a first party, a company or any employer offers any of its work on a micro job site. In this case he is the Employer, as the second party you did the work of the first party as a worker in return for which you earned some commission.

The third party in this case is the website. Thousands of employers offer various jobs on such sites and workers earn money by completing those jobs or tasks. This type of site is also called micro freelancing job website. There are numerous Micro Job websites online, but you will not receive payment for all of them. Because in most cases many websites are fake.

However, Picoworkers is certainly a very popular and trusted site for doing micro jobs online. On this site you can earn money by completing various small freelancing tasks. I am telling you the details of how to make an account, how to make income.

How to create an account on Picoworkers site?

1) First enter the Picoworker site.

2) Click on Sign Up from Login and Sign Up options.

3) Now a sign up form will come in front of you, you enter your information there such as: name, email, password, nationality, worker or employee, fill and submit it.

4) Your account has been created, now you can get the verification mail by clicking on the mail provided by you to verify.

How do Picoworkers work on the site?

As I said before, employers offer various jobs on micro freelancing sites. In this case you can do whatever you want. Because there are many categories of work on this type of site.

What are the benefits of Picoworkers site?

  • Account Sign Up
  • Sharch & Click
  • Data Entry
  • Video Marketing
  • Telegram Related
  • Facebook Page Like
  • Facebook Group Join
  • Facebook Like, Comment, Share
  • YouTube Subscribe
  • YouTube Watch
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Voting and Rating
  • Reddit
  • Yahoo Answers
  • Forums
  • Form Fill Up
  • App Download etc.

When you create an account and go to the home page of Picoworker site, you will be shown various job offers. You can find the job you want to do by selecting the category. Second you complete the task of your choice and submit the proof of it. Prove submission is usually done by screenshot. That means they will give you the option to submit a screenshot and you will prove your work there.

After a few hours they will review and pay you. From here you can earn money by sharing the referral link. When your balance is 5 dollars, you can take payment through Paypal, Skrill, AirTM or Lightcoin.

Latest Tip: This way you can earn income from Picoworker by completing small tasks. However, if you work recklessly, your account will be suspended, work according to the rules and take payment. That’s all I’m doing, Allah Hafez.

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