Introducing Travel Agents in Sweden

1. There are no valid institutions for Swedish universities in Bangladesh. Anyone who says we are proxies is 100% wrong. Let’s prove it. If an agency says they are legitimate, first ask which university they represent. If you type the name of a university and then search for the name of that university in Google, the phone number or email of that university will appear; find the phone or email there. However, be careful not to contact the dealer by phone or email. Contact the university website directly by phone or email. Then you will know that they are lying.

2. Admission to all Swedish universities is controlled through a website. This site is Apart from that, because the agency cannot accept you. In Sweden, only two semesters are allowed, and again, they have fixed dates. Therefore, admission at any time is absolutely not possible.

3. IELTS is mandatory for admission to all Swedish universities. A minimum of 6.5 is required. Do not accept without IELTS. Don’t waste your time and others. Don’t tarnish Bangladesh’s reputation by trying to enter without IELTS. Some bad students make it difficult for good students to get admission and visas.

4. Scholarships are based on overall strength in academics, achievements, research, motivation, employment, and all other areas. None of the institutions can obtain scholarships in any way. However, it can be turned into many bogus documents. If fake. If you don’t get a Swedish visa, you won’t be able to get a visa from another European country in the future.

5. Let’s say you trust a proxy and send all your documents. The agency then uses your documents to send someone else to another country or have them confiscated while they are being shipped. In between, you were sent to Europe as if you were born. Therefore, do not give a copy of your document or passport to anyone without understanding it, and if you have already handed it in, keep a GD in that person’s name at the police station or consult a lawyer.

6. Lies: Unlimited work opportunities and work permit with a student visa.

The truth is that students can work full-time along with their studies. Vehicles can run for an average of 40 hours a week. However, in reality, this is not possible. Because if you want to study, then you have to rehearse in class and study. So it is difficult to study while working full time. Also, the reality is that you can’t get a real job if you don’t understand the language.

You can only work on a student visa. This will show your salary (excluding tax) at the end of the month. For PR or permanent residency in Sweden, we can see how long you have been in Sweden. Fifty years old is not included on a student visa. Because it is not a work permit. Accordingly, there is no penalty for working or working for 50 years on a student visa. As a result, you cannot obtain permanent residence or permanent residence in Sweden. In principle, there is no work permit on a student visa.

7. Incorrect: Can an applicant or spouse work if they have a work permit? In fact, co-applicants or spouses of students, even boys and girls (age 16) can legally work. No separate sheet or the like is needed for this. But the biggest problem is getting a job. It is very difficult to get a job if you do not know Swedish. Basically, the partner visa does not have a work permit. Even if you get a job with a spouse visa, you are not allowed to get a work permit. You must return to Bangladesh and apply for a new work permit. It is possible to pay for tuition and food by working for students. In fact, it’s pretty much impossible to work in Sweden for tuition and living expenses.

8. The Old Trick: Help Me With My Bank Statements. If false statements are found, you will not be able to obtain a visa, and in some cases, you will be blacklisted, so you will not be able to apply for a visa in the future. Many people have already come to Sweden with fake bank accounts. Less now. However, even after arriving in Sweden, if your account details are incorrect, your visa may be canceled, or your visa may not be renewed. So fake bank statements can be a big risk at any time. Please be careful in advance.

9. You or your father may have a lot of money, but you cannot buy a Swedish student visa with this money because it cannot be sold. Even then, agencies have already issued a number of visas by presenting several fake documents. But the truth is that none of these fake students managed to stay in Sweden and fled to other countries, where they now lead inhumane life.

The choice is yours. Do you want to waste your life getting caught by an agency for a lot of money, or do you want to do it yourself? Finally, if you are eligible, apply in Sweden and if you think you are not eligible, do not push yourself and accept the reality, or change yourself and qualify for Sweden.

Remember that your wrong decisions can ruin your life and narrow the way for good students who will come to Sweden in the future.

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