Our beloved poet Kazi Nazrul Islam

Many famous poets and writers have appeared in our Bengali literature. They have blessed Bengali literature with their stories, poems, plays, and novels. I like a lot of them. However, the most famous of Rabindran’s poets is Islam Kazi, who has the most wonderful talent. Rebellious poet, humanist poet, and love poet – Kazi Nazrul-Islam is my favorite poet.

My beloved poet, Kazi Nazrul Islam, was born on May 25, 1899, in Churulia Village, Burdwan District, West Bengal. Her father’s name is Fakir Ahmad, her mother’s name is Zaheda Khatun, and when she was little, her parents called her Dukhu Mia.

The poet first began his studies in a village school. Here he learned the basics of Bengali, Arabic, and Persian. Again, Kazi Nazrul Islam is known as a rebellious poet in Bengali literature. The powerful pronunciation of his defiant voice _


An eminent mansir of Balchir

Shir Nehari Amari nat shir

That peak is Himadri

Again, Kazi Nazrul Islam’s love for objects is the prominent form of Nazrul’s poetry. These party poems put him above his contemporaries. In his poetry, love became an idol, and the past came alive in tears. they say __

My lover will be queen

Starflower Dave Khopaa.

Kazi Nazrul-Islam was a poet of mankind, a poet of equality, and in all his poetry, he sang the triumph of the life of the oppressed, the exploited, and the cursed. In every poem of his proletarian poetry, the image of the suffering of the common people was revealed, and his intense sympathy for them was revealed. The poet Kazi Nazrul-Islam, a socialist poet who mixed with the people, said:

Gahi sameer song

A place where all obstacles are gathered.

Then there was the poet Kazi Nazrul Islam.

Nazrul is the favorite poet of the two Bengali every Bengali. Nazrul is the Creator’s blessing in the history of literature. And he is our favorite poet for his wonderful collection of all these multifaceted qualities.

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