The best site to earn income from Bangladesh. Income from ad view and micro job

The best site to earn income from Bangladesh. Income from ad view and micro job. Today I will share with you an excellent income site of Bangladesh. This site has been around for many years and is a very trusted income site. From here you will find micro-job work. From here you can earn income by viewing posts by viewing ads. Of course this post will contain complete information of this site. So keep reading until the end.

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Many people may know about Earnings Point site. It was not giving good support in the middle for some time. A lot of ads are coming here. When I opened the net, a lot of ads were being clicked automatically. That’s why I haven’t shared this site with you for a long time or I haven’t worked here myself. Currently this set fixes the problems they had.

At present their problem on this site is not just fixed. It is currently offering more income from here. From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true meaning of life comes from. So from here you can get 2 to 10 taka by doing a job. You can also work here at low prices if you want.

In the picture above you can see that you are looking for a job or want a worker. If you click on these options from here, then click on if you are looking for a job from here. Then you can’t see the works here. And if you want to post work from here, in case you want worker, click on this option.

From there you will see the details. You have to pay 1.2 taka for each job to post job here. You can also take YouTube view here. You will also be able to get better promotions from the Survival Day option.

You can also earn income from here by clicking on the bonus ad to view the previous jobs. Mobile recharge can be taken from this site if only 20 taka. And from here 50 taka you can take payment through bKash or other Bangladeshi payment. So of course you have to work here.

You will need credit for posting jobs from here. You can earn credit by working from here. Or if you want to buy credit. Then the admin’s phone number is given. From there you can buy credit by phone. God bless you all.

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