The expression of desire for bad roads is “We want justice”.

On August 8 at 10:00 AM on our open stage, Shah Bagh.. invites all students from all “schools, colleges, colleges” in Dhaka city to meet!! – This is our last attempt to cause so many things after these eight days of trouble!!

We Want Justice” was initially the reason why the college students took to the streets only two bodies – “Diya and Riyad”!! Now, what happened to the countless unknown bodies that happened in these eight days!!

We all first took to the streets demanding ‘safe roads’, but this movement has now become a battle – to warm the blood 18!! What the message of 1952 and 1971 brought!!! So now we all have to be together!! It cannot be divided into different areas!!! “Unite” thousands of students in the same place with the same slogan Because apart from us, we were brutally attacked for eight days and saw the bodies of our brothers and sisters in schools and dormitories!!

A step toward meeting the 9-point requirement!! We promise to accept!! But we have learned from all the past movements – Kota Sansk among them. But the elders were also assured of accepting the demands, but they were not implemented, so we cannot easily leave the movement in the middle and run away!! I can handle it, But what answer will we give to the next generation when they ask: “What is the end of the struggle movement that started in 18? Why did it suddenly stop?” How should I answer the question of the parents of the brothers who lost their lives? Why did we stop? Protect your own life?? But the brothers who hold our hands and go on the journey thinking they are ours, are their lives worth nothing?? Is their blood worth nothing?? It’s no use raping those sisters-

We were afraid, we were tortured, and our brothers were thrown to death after death, but after seeing these things, sitting at home defeats the purpose. “For the first five days, I went to school and college alone – then our elder brothers and sisters came down after seeing the torture on us – university!! But the problem is that we are coming down separately, so this time, in the spirit of 1970s Bangabandhu, the door is open today for all to come together in unity. We can’t find a leader, we can’t find a guiding line, we can’t figure out how to unite, so after eight days of tireless -death -rape, this is my last attempt !!!

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