The perfect guideline to make thousands of dollars with Gmail

I can’t wait to tell you how easy it is to create a Gmail account. A Gmail account can only be opened with a name, phone number and a password to remember. We use Gmail for various purposes. Sending pictures, sending messages, registering on different websites etc. In addition to these, many people may know the dollars that can be earned with a Gmail account, and some may be listening for the first time. So let’s start without talking too much.

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Now the question is how to make money online by selling Gmail account?

It takes just 2 minutes to open a Gmail account. The more Gmail you open, the more dollars you can earn by selling Gmail. These Gmail accounts can cost from .5 to .20 or more. It’s up to you how much you sell Gmail.

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Suppose you created 30 Gmail (30 * 2 = 60) in 60 minutes. If one Gmail sells for .10 dollars, with 30 Gmail accounts you will earn (30 * .10) 3 dollars in just 1 hour. So, you need to create more and more Gmail accounts to earn more and more dollars.

Where to sell Gmail accounts?

There are various groups on Facebook where Gmail is bought and sold. You can earn dollars by selling Gmail there.


In which Facebook groups Gmail is bought and sold?

You can find different groups that do Gmail marketing by searching on Facebook. Where you can easily sell your Gmail by joining.

If you want to avoid cheating, you have to resort to one of two ways. 1 Advance Payment # 2 Admin Deal. What are the two again in Advance Payment and Admin Deal?

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Advance payment:

This means taking the price before giving something. This means taking money before giving Gmail.

Tell your Gmail subscriber that
Pay first, then you pay Gmail. In this case, if you agree to this agreement, he will pay you first and then you pay Gmail. There is no chance of being cheated.

Admin Deal:

Posting to that group will get buyers for selling Gmail account. Selling Gmail in agreement with the owner / admin of that group. → First you open a messenger group with your Gmail client and the group admin. There your buyer will send the admin development / cash. And the admin will send the Gmail account to the buyer with the permission of the admin after confirming whether he has received the dollar or not. Once the customer receives the Gmail account, the admin will send your development / cash dollars. That’s what the admin deal is all about. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

Those who buy Gmail, what will those Gmail do?

Those who buy Gmail from you will sell Gmail to others at a slightly higher price or use it for many purposes like lead generation, CPA marketing.

How many Gmail accounts can be opened with one phone number?

You can open 4 to 5 Gmail accounts with one phone number. No one will be able to open more than that.

But how to open unlimited / numerous Gmail accounts?

This is the most important question and the most important thing about Gmail marketing. You need a VPN to open multiple Gmail accounts (I hope you know what a VPN is). You can’t open unlimited Gmail account with free VPN. This requires premium VPN. Which you can get from Google Play Store.

In a word, you can open a number of Gmail accounts by purchasing a premium VPN. With which you can earn thousands of dollars.

After all, if you have the desire and patience to be successful, you can earn thousands of dollars a month by marketing Gmail.

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