What you can get with a student visa in Sweden:

Sweden is one of the richest countries in Europe. Although the taxes are high, if you get a job, the family can get by on that salary. The salary and honor are almost the same regardless of the job, so everyone is pretty much in agreement. The treatment is quite free, and as a welfare state, the government helps you in several ways. There are special facilities for children or the elderly. In my opinion, Sweden is a very good country to live in.

What you can get with a student visa in Sweden:

1. Student visas are issued in Sweden without any university affiliation. This means that in Sweden, you can change majors and universities as often as you like. The requirement is that you must have the appropriate certification each semester. Let’s say you are admitted to a 2-year master’s program, which has a total of 4 semesters. Now, if you wish, you can spend four semesters in 4 different universities in Sweden. (they must be similar or close to each other) There is no legal prohibition for this, but keep the tuition issue in mind.

2. Students can get discounts at many stores. Student tickets are very cheap.

3. If you get a job, you can work a maximum of 40 hours per week. Good or gifted students can find many jobs at universities, educational institutions, libraries, and more.

4. You can only travel to listed European countries and return to Sweden within 90 days. Cannot work in other countries.

5. If you are accepted for master’s program 2, you will have semi-free editing, no need to pay any complex processes or such expenses. However, these depend on your insurance company if you are admitted to a one-year master’s program.

6. Good or talented students can easily be admitted to Ph.D.

Seven. The quality of education is so good that with a degree in Swedish, it is relatively easy to find work in any country in the world.

8. Spouses and children can study for free if they have a visa.

9. You don’t see where you’re staying, so it’s possible to stay or sublet at a”Bangladeshi me” for a very low cost.

10. You can get a work permit if you have a permanent job of 30 credits and 13,000 crowns.

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