World record for the best headache

This person stopped the motorcycle and set a world record, four motorcycles got stuck between his legs, and the motorcycle started, but the motorcycle could not move because of the power, he stopped it. He was able to stop it for 24 seconds.

* Canan Sfuglu (Turkey)

An extreme motorcycle racer and five-time champion in a row. He covered 400 km in 26 seconds. He rode his Kawasaki Ninja Ace 2R at a speed of one hour. Even T was installed in Osman Gazi Viriz, Turkey. He risked his life for this. He wore special clothes for this.

Leso sehella

He jumped from a height of 59 meters and set a Guinness record. Its speed before hitting the water was 123 km/h. Every hour was a test of courage.

Terry Grant

This record drives a four-wheeler for 1 mile on two wheels. He was able to drive the fastest quadricycle on two wheels and was included in the Guinness World Records.

Claudia Gums

Claudia Gums broke the Guinness World Record for throwing an arrow five meters faster than her feet. This was the first perfect stump thrown between the legs to be registered in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Luke Eakins

He is an American ski pilot and a good flyer. They jumped 18,000 times in his career. Jump without shoes. The trap was placed slightly above the ground.


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