10 incredible facts about Ukraine

Ukraine is a country of endless beauty, natural resources and rich history. Until the dissolution of the USSR in 1991, European countries were part of the USSR. Russia is now trying to get Ukraine back as part of it. As a result, the situation in both countries has become increasingly tense. In addition to this political instability, Ukraine’s prosperous career needs security as a democratic and sovereign state. This article contains good information about Ukraine. 

These characteristics differentiate Ukraine from other European countries.

9. Design a fuel lamp

In 1853, two Elviv pharmacists, Jan G and Ignatius Lucasius, invented the lantern at a store called Golden Star. The accomplishment of this earthly discovery is still remembered today in a restaurant called Gasova Lampa in the same building.

10. The heaviest plane

With a payload of 610 tons, the AN-225 is the heaviest aircraft in the world. It has a record weight of up to 417,630 pounds when shipping. The AN-225 carries up to 559,570 pounds to carry all cargo. The Antonov AN-225 Mriya was built in Ukraine during Soviet times. The wings have been shown only to give an idea of ​​the proportions. However, the aircraft was destroyed by a Russian attack on February 28.