43 dead in Russian plane crash

Plane crashes have become so common that in some countries, we hear about them almost every day.

A similar incident occurred on a plane at Sheremetyevo Airport in Russia. The plane was a passenger. The name of this plane was Sukhoi Superjet 100. The plane suffered a mechanical failure shortly after takeoff. The pilot then sent a message to the airport authorities.

The plane then made an emergency landing. The plane did not land the first time, but the plane made an emergency landing the second time. The passengers disembarked via the plane’s emergency landing slide. The flight attendants didn’t even have much time to rescue the passengers; they only had a minute or less.

There were 78 passengers on the plane. And the death toll is 43.

“The surviving travellers said – those who survived are divinely alive.”

This shows how terrible accidents can happen.

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