A few words about higher education in Sweden

Things to do before boarding a flight to Sweden

Anyone who is or is going to go abroad should keep at least one copy of her passport, visa, and offer letter with her father, mother, or close relative in Bangladesh.

Those who have already moved to Sweden also copy these papers and send them today and now to someone in the country.

Because if for any reason you are in danger abroad, your relatives can contact the competent body by presenting these documents.

Remember, danger never comes.

So don’t forget to give a “copy of your passport, visa and letter of offer” to a stranger/little one or Facebook acquaintance.

Many people want to bring cash when they come to Sweden. According to the Bangladesh Immigration and Bank Act,

If you bring cash or foreign currency, you need to authenticate your passport.

Note that you cannot carry dollars, euros, or other foreign currencies without confirmation in your passport.

Carrying currency without a license may lead to imprisonment. So be careful.

Up to 5,000 Bangladeshi currency per person can be carried on arrival or departure without declaration. Bangladesh currency is not guaranteed in passports. Remember.”

Foreign currency must be stamped in the passport on departure according to “Travel Expenses .”You can’t take a single cent without approval. US$12,000 or foreign currency equivalent for students.

Is it better to take dollars/pounds or euros?

You can bring in dollars or euros. But remember to bring dollars if your passport contains dollars and euros if your passport contains euros.

Which is more expensive in Sweden: dollars, pounds, or euros?

No, most places in Sweden do not yet accept dollars, pounds, or euros. Running is called the Swedish crown. (SEK)

Do I have to exchange all my dollars and euros for Swedish Krona at the airport?

In Sweden, you can easily change Swedish Krona at any airport exchange in any city…, no problem. But the price is different in each store, so it is better not to rush. Usually, the best price is not available at the airport. Therefore, at the airport, you can only convert the amount you need from euros to Swedish krona. Then, within a month of arriving in Sweden, you will have a bank account, you will receive a Visa or MasterCard, and you can shop all over the world.

Should I keep extra money? Bangladeshis can have tea and breakfast at the airport if they need 5000 takas for travel expenses.

I want to get more than $12000 or equivalent; how can I get it?

The money must be sent to Sweden from your student file via the banker. There is no way to carry more than $12,000 or cash equivalent.

Is there no alternative?

Yes, there is no limit for credit/debit/prepaid cards. With the card, you can carry as much cash as you want. But remember that if you do not have an international card, there is no advantage in traveling abroad using it.

How to buy a bus or train ticket from the airport to the university?

1. You can book your train tickets online from the same country where you book your airline tickets. But take the train ticket at least 3 or 4 hours after getting off the plane. Because it can take some time to catch the plane or be late for baggage check or customs, it can also take some time to find the train at the station. While pre-purchasing tickets are hassle-free, if you miss the train for any reason, train ticket money is wasted.

2. My advice is to buy a prepaid mobile SIM card at the airport in Sweden. So anyone you know in Sweden can buy your train or bus ticket online and text the ticket to you. SMS tickets are accepted on almost all buses and trains in Sweden.

3. If you have an international debit/credit card, you can buy train tickets from the airport’s automatic machines. First, change the language of all machines to English, and you will have no problem buying tickets directly. You don’t have to be special for it. Buying tickets from a machine may require only minimal use of common sense.

4. Every airport has a help desk; at some help desks, you can buy bus tickets in cash. So talk to the helpdesk, they’ll tell you where to get the tickets, even if they don’t buy the tickets themselves.

5. Just as butter shoe shops can be found throughout Bangladesh, “pressbyrån” supermarkets can be found throughout Sweden, including the airport. This yellow-colored shop is easy to recognize. They often sell bus tickets for cash. Here’s how to acknowledge their help. But if you buy tickets from them, you will have to pay some extra money as a service charge. They sell tickets in legal trouble and can’t write ads or flyers. But they sell tickets legally, so you can safely buy tickets from them.

6. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket offices of almost all trains. We accept cash and cards. But sometimes the price gets very high when you buy tickets at the ticket control. If there is no other option, buy a ticket from the train ticket inspector (from the bus driver). Do not forget to pass on your student card; then, the price is slightly lower.

Many people would like to bring Swedish Krona from Bangladesh for more convenience. There is no legal problem with bringing 5,000 USD worth of Swedish Krona with a passport guarantee. But there is a big problem elsewhere.

Since 2015, many banknotes and coins have been abolished in Sweden.

All these old banknotes and coins are no longer available. A fraudulent teller or bank in Bangladesh has handed these canceled banknotes to many people. Bringing canceled notes like this is really dangerous.

The solution to this problem

1. First check whether the banknotes have been canceled or not

2. If you have canceled the invoice, please return it to where you bought it in Bangladesh to get a new invoice, or if you don’t have a new one, you will receive a dollar, pound, or euro.

Stay away from all sorts of scammers called agents/currency exchanges/fake travel agents. Conduct transactions with valid and valid banks.

Take care


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