computer in everyday life

Computers are a great contributor to the modern world. The computer has changed the needs of all people; the computer has served as a replacement for human thinking and consciousness, and the computer provides the solution to complex problems that the human mind cannot solve quickly. Computers today are moving in many different ways, and in the future, the current type of computer has once again been invented. Structure A specific clause is called a clause. Eniac, the world’s first fully the electronic computer, was invented in 1964. Fourth-generation computers are currently in use. The next decade will bring fifth-generation computers. When there are parts and structure of a computer, two main aspects can be seen: one is hardware, and the other is software. We also use computers in our daily lives in different ways. For example, computers have played an important role in business, commerce, medicine, discipline, sports, media, industry, education, population, economy, and society. Bangladesh’s computing journey began in 1964 with the Atomic Energy Commission, where an IBM 1620 series computer was introduced in the 1980s. There were no computer education opportunities in this country. And from the early 1990s, computer science education in the country began to be formal and institutional. Now half of the people can use a computer. Computers can do things that humans cannot do. In our daily life, we can perform various tasks using a computer. What people can’t do


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