Giving birth does not confer U.S. citizenship.

Becoming a U.S. citizen is a fascinating thing for people all over the world. Every year people from different parts of the world come to America. So get married and give birth here as a U.S. citizen! Especially people from Bangladesh and Asian countries are more interested in it. Many people in the country sell land and cross seven seas and rivers to get there. Others married in the country and moved to the American dreamland just days before their children were born. And the American citizens went with the children to the woods. But this news is bad news for these dreamers. From now on, the U.S. administration will not grant citizenship to these foreigners, regardless of their place of birth. Such a vision was received from the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump. He does not intend to maintain this rule in the future. He plans to issue orders in this regard. This will ensure that people who do not live in the United States legally, even if they were born here, will not acquire U.S. citizenship by birth. U.S. President Donald Trump recently told reporters in front of the White House that anyone who is not a U.S. citizen or has entered the U.S. illegally will get U.S. citizenship if he or she is born here. He wants to stop this ruling. He said we are considering the issue of obtaining citizenship by birth, taking a thorough review and taking into account the place of birth. A man crossed the border into the United States and gave birth there. You will be granted stupid U.S. citizenship. He believes this should never happen. However, children who are U.S. citizens become U.S. citizens by being born to their parents, regardless of whether the child was born in the United States or not.

It is not possible to say exactly when this decision or the position of the President of the United States will be implemented in the form of legislation or implementation. But it is believed that soon he will be able to work in this field. Because many of Trump’s immigration orders have benefited Americans, he is deeply concerned about illegal entry into America and is taking steps to prevent it. Not only this, Donald Trump is wary of those who come to this country as legal immigrants. It imposes a number of strict rules on these immigrants. The new Public Expenditure Act is a classic example in this regard. This will be effective from October 15. It is also clear that additional rules may apply to illegal and legal Americans, including immigrants. The issue of granting citizenship to foreigners with this birth could be a big issue in the upcoming 2020 presidential election. In such a situation, Trump thinks about this issue and makes a decision.

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