Imran Khan vs. Narendra, who won the battle of Kaushal?

An Abinandan Indian pilot has been arrested in Pakistan. His release is believed to have eased tensions between India and Pakistan. But the question is whether people can understand what they have seen in the last few days. Who won the battle of strategy? Who won between Narendra Modi and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan? But many felt his speech was tasteless.

Indian Minister Narendra Modi was having a meeting when Imran Khan made the announcement. After hearing about the incident, he said that work had been done. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a large-scale election rally and said: “I have every confidence that this country is in the hands of a just leader” after Indian fighter jets penetrated Pakistan’s airspace and attacked a terrorist training camp on the 26th. It should be remembered that elections will be held in India in a few months. And within 24 hours, Pakistan shot down an Indian fighter.

Since coming to power in 2014, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has tried to project an image that he does not convey in his own words. His fanatical nationalist image is cherished by a large section of his supporters in the local media. The question on many people’s minds is that it has reached a very transitional stage, and if India is preparing for a war on nuclear power, the Indian prime minister will ask why it is being announced. It means that you should talk to the military and bureaucrats, not just the public.

Many say Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan took retaliatory action by shooting down an Indian fighter and endangering Modi. If you want to know the power of India and Pakistan, you can see that both countries have almost equal power. But Pakistan has more heavy weapons than India. If India and Pakistan go to war, Bangladesh will suffer the most.

There is an atomic bomb. So we all want a peaceful settlement. This is something India and Pakistan have experienced several times since last year after the division of Kashmir. But those wars were fought peacefully and settled peacefully. But the situation now shows that India and Pakistan need Kashmir so badly that India will never leave Kashmir again. And now the whole world is watching India and Pakistan. Is war the only solution? They will not be able to live together peacefully for years to come.

Again, it can be seen that after the release of Indian driver Abhinandan, most of the Indian media have pointed out in their media that it was about India’s victory. Very few people have reported what Prime Minister Imran Khan did as a result of the terrorist attacks. Some say Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan may have won the battle to prove his acceptance to his compatriots and the Indian public. However, it cannot be said that Imran Khan and Narendra Modi completely lost control of their civilian Indian bases. It is time for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to reflect on these difficult issues and not lose the credibility of his statements due to a headache.

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