International help is needed to solve the Rohingya problem.

Rohingya are refugees from Myanmar to Bangladesh. The Rohingya, a minority of Myanmar’s Muslims, are considered illegal immigrants to Bangladesh by Buddhists in Myanmar. Rohingya have been living there for generations. However, in 2017 the Rohingya killed by Myanmar’s military entered Bangladesh.

Estimates for December 2017 suggest that around 6.55,000 to 7.00,000 Rohingya survived the genocide.

Refugees seek asylum in Bangladesh. Many other Rohingya have entered Bangladesh as a result of brutal torture by Myanmar’s military.

An estimated 1.1 million Rohingyas spread to the south. There are also Rohingyas in Hyderabad, India, who are suffering from anxiety and are making inroads into Bangladesh as well as Myanmar. Bangladesh is under pressure because of continuous Rohingyas invasions. Today Bangladesh wants an international solution.

Some Rohingya families have been infiltrating and living in Bangladesh since 2017. However, in 2017, considering the humanitarian aspect, the government of Bangladesh received a large number of Rohingyas. At first, everyone showed great interest in helping the Rohingyas, but gradually the clouds started to form. It was thought that the Rohingya crisis would soon be resolved with the intervention of the international community, but even today, the crisis persists.

Bangladesh has lost its natural beauty after the Rohingya invasion. The Rohingya have been cut from trees to mountains. The whole world is afraid of climate change. Bangladesh has many trees and forests that have been cut down to become the home of the Rohingya. Bangladesh will suffer huge losses as a result.

Bangladesh has failed to repatriate the Rohingya despite various diplomatic incentives. When Bangladesh prospered, the Rohingya were not ready to leave. They want to give their citizenship back and make a safe place in Rakhine. Then they will return to Myanmar. Recently, Bangladesh has asked the Commonwealth for help to repatriate the Rohingya. Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said at the 74th UN meeting that the Rohingya problem is now a regional problem. It should be resolved as soon as possible. That is why he is seeking international intervention.

We all want everyone in every country to be safe. By providing a safe haven for the Rohingya, the sooner they are returned to Myanmar, the better the situation in Bangladesh.

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