The Some Reasons Why You Should Play PubG – And, Some Tips On How To Get Started

If you’ve been playing video games for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. While the game has only been available for a few months, it has already gained a massive amount of popularity. This is primarily due to the fact that the game is unlike anything that is currently available. In addition to that, PUBG also happens to be one of the most realistic battle royale games available. If you’ve been looking for a game that is similar to PUBG, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll be discussing the following:

PUBG Is A Battle Royale Game

Ever since the concept of the battle royale was conceived, it has been heavily influenced by games such as the popular ARMA series. One of the most significant differences between PUBG and other battle royale games is that it’s a 100-player game. While most games in the genre feature a 16-player battle, the focus is on the fact that it’s a 100-player game.

The reason PUBG’s size is significant is because it completely changes the dynamics of the game. Whereas in a 50-player game, players will tend to stick together to form larger groups, in a 100-player game, everyone is on their own. This means that you have to be more careful about your decisions. If you act rashly, then you may end up getting killed by someone who is much more skilled than you are.

It’s Different From Other Battle Royale Games

If you’ve been looking at other battle royale games, then you’ve probably noticed that there are a few things that set PUBG apart from the rest. The first thing you’ll notice is that it’s significantly more realistic than other games in the genre. This is thanks to the fact that it was developed by a single person.

Another thing that sets PUBG apart is the fact that it’s available on both PC and Xbox One. Other battle royale games are only available on the PC platform, which is a shame considering how large the console playerbase is.

One of the most significant things that set PUBG apart is the fact that it’s not just a battle royale game, it’s also an online survival game. This means that you’ll have to worry about other players hunger, cold, thirst and sleep just like you would in the real world.

PUBG Just Came Out

As we mentioned earlier, PUBG only came out recently in the summer of 2017. Although the concept of the game has been around for a while, it wasn’t until the release of the Xbox One version that it gained popularity. That said, the game isn’t just for Xbox One owners. It’s also available for the PC platform. If you own either a Windows 10 or MacOS computer, you can download the game for free from the official PUBG website.

PUBG Is Free To Play

As we’ve mentioned, PUBG is a free to play game. This means that you don’t need to invest any money to enjoy the game. As you play, you’ll earn in-game currency that you can use to buy cosmetic items that don’t affect gameplay.

In addition to this, you can also earn free in-game currency by completing a number of different tasks. Some of these tasks include watching ads, watching live streams, watching PUBG mobile videos and more.

PUBG Has A Large Playerbase

As we’ve discussed, PUBG has a large playerbase. This means that there are a lot of destinations to meet other players. Although the game is new, it appears that the community is thriving. This is likely due to the fact that the game is easy to jump into and play.

PUBG Is Developed By A Single Person

As we’ve discussed, PUBG is developed by a single person. This is pretty impressive considering that the game has managed to achieve so much in such a short amount of time.

It’s worth noting that the game isn’t just a passion project for the developer, it’s also a source of income. As a result, he is able to spend as much time on PUBG as he wants. Because of this, the game features weekly updates that focus on improving the experience for both new and long-time players.


As you can see, PUBG is unlike any other battle royale game currently available. This is because it’s a survival game that features 100 players instead of the typical 16. This means that there are a lot more opportunities to get killed and a lot less time for consolidation.

If you’ve been looking for a battle royale game that’s different from the rest, then PUBG is the game for you. Not only that, but the game is also completely free to play. With a large playerbase and frequent updates, PUBG is a great game to get involved in.

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