Easy to earn from Bangladeshi micro job site

Make Income From Micro Job Site Make Income Online From Bangladeshi Site. Today I will share with you the details of the dhakawork site. It’s basically a micro job site for making money online. Where you can earn income by doing small things. There will be detailed information of the site. So of course if you can do the work then read well so that you can understand everything.

Site link: https://grathor.com/goto-dhakawork

How to make income from Dhakawork ?

After clicking on the link you need to create an account on the site. After giving your correct name here, give your email and password from here. Then do the account as you have to verify your account here. Be sure to include the name of your ID card or birth registration card.

Once the account is created, click on the menu button above to verify your account here. After clicking, verify that there is an option, click there. After clicking there, you can verify your birth registration or ID card from here. Here you have to give your name first. After giving, you have to give your card number from here and a picture on the front of your card and a picture with your card in your hand.

Here, when you go to verify, you will understand what kind of picture to give. Because there are some stickers shown. How to take pictures If you take a picture of the same type and submit it here, your account will be verified. There you can work without verification. You can work but you can’t take payment from here. You can also post jobs here.

Many may find the verification process a hassle. But once you take a picture with your ID card and your ID card in hand. In case any site is verified, it will work for you. From here you can earn unlimited income. Or if you have to join a site or referral program. With this site you can easily get good profit by posting job here.

This is basically a micro job site. Here you can earn a lot of good income by working as well. From here you can deposit 1 dollar and pay only 1 dollar. There is a facility to take deposits and payments from Bangladesh through Bikash Cash Rocket. Of course, you can use such sites for deposit or payment from here. From here, only 5% will be deducted while taking payment. There is no fee on your income. From here you can earn income by referring to the site. God bless you all.

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