What are sodium foods? Go and check now.

What foods are high in sodium?


Sodium is an important component of food. Some foods are high in sodium, and some are low in sodium. We all consume more or less salt in our food. In everyday cooking, our food is inseparable from salt.


One of the components of table salt is sodium. Excessive sodium intake is harmful to the body. Therefore, sodium in food should be consumed in moderation. A healthy human body needs 300 mg of sodium per day.


If too much sodium accumulates in the body, it will be excreted through sweat, so be sure to exercise regularly because the body sweats during exercise, and excess sodium will be eliminated through sweat to keep the body healthy.

One source of sodium in food is bottled water.


Among the unique sodium-rich foods, sweet potatoes, lentils, mung beans, chickpeas, saffron, cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, spinach, tomatoes, unripe mangoes, pineapples, jackfruit, and other legumes are also high in sodium. .Shrimp, tuna, mackerel, halibut, caviar and other marine fish are rich in sodium. Sodium is also found in duck eggs, beef, milk, dried fish, etc.


Both fast food and takeaway meals use a lot of salt, which means that fast food is high in sodium, so be careful when eating fast food.


Here are five sodium-rich foods and how to eat them:


Potatoes – Potatoes are an everyday food rich in sodium. We eat potatoes that have been processed in different ways. The sodium in potatoes has a special role in controlling blood pressure. Potatoes may reduce the risk of heart disease. In addition to sodium, potatoes also contain phosphorus, which controls bone fragility. So potatoes are treated differently


For example, there is aloo bharta, a curry made with potatoes and chips.


Dal – We like to eat more or less dal on our daily menu. Dal recipes include Dal Ranna, Dal Bharta, Dal Bara and more. We use Dal more or less Khichuri. Regularly eating beans can compensate for the lack of sodium in the body.


Seafood – One of the most important sources of sodium is seafood. Seawater contains a lot of salt or sodium, and fish that live in water also contains a lot of sodium. We eat sea fish by cooking, baking or making different fish recipes.


Shutki Fish – Shutki Fish is a very popular Bengali dish. Shutki bharta, a curry made with shutki is very tasty, and sodium in shutki is good for our body.


Duck – Duck eggs are rich in sodium and calcium phosphates. So, duck eggs are a portion of very necessary food for joint pain.


Like all other elements, sodium is very useful for the repair, improvement and growth of the body. So we should keep sodium food in our daily diet.


That’s all there is today (which are sodium foods).

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